How to work away from the office

A co-working space can be a happy medium, says Sharmadean Reid

I’m not sure all roles benefit from flexible working. It depends on your company and career stage. At Beautystack, the startup I founded last year, the pace of change is massive. Although remote working is a natural part of the tech industry, being away from the office at this crucial juncture of our development slows everything down. You’d miss ideas bounced around outside meetings, you’d miss team bonding, you’d just miss out.

Our software engineers often work from home for various reasons, such as childcare issues, but they can code from anywhere and are disciplined in their approach. I get distracted easily, so I prefer to compartmentalise my life into work/family/friends/me. My office is my sanctuary, and when it comes to work, my favourite place is at my desk. Home is a different sanctuary, where my favourite place is my bed. Rarely do the two meet.

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Source: theguardian
How to work away from the office